All for fun and fun for all

Hi, I’m Brighton's Punch and Judy man -  Prof. Glyn Edwards - often imitated but never equalled. I've been a Punch and Judy performer for over 50 years and taken my show all over the UK as well as to Russia, America, Japan and a host of other countries.

When it comes to Mr. Punch and our uproarious National Puppet Show, I've performed it, taught it, written books about it and broadcast about it.

I’ve been dubbed a “Punch and Judy Rock Star’ – although it’s Mr. Punch who is the charismatic crowd pleaser. I’m just his sidekick.

I saw Mr. Punch for my very first time under the West Pier in the 1940s and first performed myself on Brighton beach in the 1960s. I have ‘Brighton Punch and Judy’ running through me like the writing through a stick of Brighton rock.



There are three generations of Brighton seaside entertainers in my family. My parents were seafront entertainers in Brighton in the 1930s and my daughter is a Brighton Punch and Judy Prof too.

Brighton and Mr. Punch have gone hand in hand for nearly two hundred years and we’re delighted to be carrying on the tradition on such a historic pitch.

Come and see us on the beach or book a school’s performance. We also give talks and demonstrations to all age groups.

The Original World Famous Brighton Beach Punch & Judy Show is available for event hire by special arrangement. Beware of imitations.



Mr. Punch is moving to a brand new seafront spot this summer.

He'll be right at the foot of the amazing BA i360 attraction

Outside the new information point of The West Pier Trust



In the meantime don't forget you can also book Mr. Punch
for your public event.

He has a special education session for schools too
 in association with The West Pier Trust and The Fedora Group.